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Our mission is to collaborate with those medical technology manufacturers who want to complement their mission with a high-level technical service, and treat their clients with the utmost excellence. At AMBE we have the capacity and experience to adapt to the philosophy of each manufacturer.


Our vision is to be a highly capable technical service and to add innovative technical solutions that manufacturers can take advantage of for their benefit. We firmly believe that technical service is a great sales force and we act to facilitate the expansion of each brand.




Over 10 years, our experience with AMBE has been very satisfactory, providing us a lot of confidence and reassurance. With a very present technical staff and a great deal of experience, they have always delivered a rapid response and solution to incidents.


ANA ESTRADA Coordinator of Paediatric ICU at Hospital Vall d’Hebron


AMBE staff are like your own staff, committed and very helpful. We are confident because of the innovation in their service, flexibility for change and, most importantly, their integrity as a company. The most remarkable thing is that they are part of the sales team, which helps us a lot in how our customers see us.


JAUME NIN, Sales Area Manager BD



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