Contact Center

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Contact Center omnichannel solutions

We design omnichannel solutions to achieve effective contact with our users.

The solutions of our Contact Center multichannel interactions, along side adequate customer service, are essential to achieve effective and satisfactory results in any type of multichannel interactions with our partner’s users.

In our Contact Center services we use technological and multichannel tools to optimize interactions. Learn more!

We also maintain security and privacy standards in accordance with the regulations of each territory.

At COS, we create intelligent interactions, performing automated prioritization and routing processes.

Thanks to them, we can identify emotions in a timely manner that may need immediate attention.

As well, we support our processes through methodologies such as Design-Thinking and SCRUM  we to put ourselves in the place of our allies to design and shape services, processes and/or systems.

We develop an agile work scheme to work as a team to obtain the best possible result of each project, through Scrum we make partial and regular deliveries of the final product, prioritized by the benefit they bring to the recipient of the project.

Contact center and omnichannel solutions:

This service comprises different areas, such as:

  • Customer Service (PQRS)
  • Help Desk (help desk)
  • Survey Application
  • General Information Lines
  • Data Updating
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Customer Journey Design

Contact Center omnichannel solutions


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By Cristian Parra,


COS Backoffice optimization productivity

Each process is different, and therefore, the technology and strategy that we apply to optimize each process is 100% flexible and based on each phase or cycle of the operation.

We focus in the optimization and simplification. That’s our key to add value to each process we handle to achieve a high-quality deliverable.

We have both simple and complex operations that have undergone a thorough analysis to identify opportunities for improvement and optimization.

The foregoing ensures that our clients improve their levels of productivity, costs and customer satisfaction of internal and external customers.

We involve workforce management strategies to ensure that the resources assigned to each process are adequate and sufficient to achieve a high-quality deliverable.

We have different areas of application:

  • Invoicing
  • Digitization and indexing
  • Archiving and document coding
  • Policy administration (from issuance to cancellation)
  • Audits and monitoring
  • Document logistics

COS Backoffice optimization productivity

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Technological Solutions

By Cristian Parra,


Mainly, we believe that BPO processes should be complemented by technological solutions that help optimize the activities to be outsourced by our partners. Our team of dedicated engineers is dedicated to intelligently reinvent workflows using tools such as automation, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), cloud, and other emerging technologies. The constant evolution of our processes aims to contribute to the growth of companies and their customers, employees, suppliers and business partners alike.

For that matter, we think that having an in-house development factory allows us to create versatile solutions. that also let us automate repetitive tasks so that human resources can focus on the tasks that require a higher level of analysis.

Secondly, by doing this we focus our work upon methodologies such as Design-Thinking and SCRUM we to put ourselves in the place of our allies to design and shape services, processes and/or systems.

We develop an agile work scheme to work as a team to obtain the best possible result of each project, through Scrum we make partial and regular deliveries of the final product, prioritized by the benefit they bring to the recipient of the project.

Thus, we achieve an empathetic understanding of the problems faced by people and companies in today’s world.

For this reason, within our Contact Center services or Technological Solutions, we offer a series of solutions that aim to understand the different behaviors or motivations of potential users.

This allows us to identify the key points that can be adjusted according to the iteration processes that we implement in short periods of time or sprint sessions. In this way we can deliver agile responses focused on optimizing better results for our clients.


  • Omnichannel
  • Software development
  • Digital platforms
  • Data Science
  • Automation (RPA, OCR, AI)
  • Cloud computing

BPO processes technological solutions

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By Cristian Parra,


We are leaders in omnichannel sales management of products and services. (product service sales management)

Our programs integrate automatic processes and efficient dialing tools, facilitating the management and closing of negotiations in optimal times.

In addition, with our processes and highly trained teams, we are able to increase the conversion rates of our partners without excluding any market segment and guaranteeing excellence and a positive user experience.

Also, we prioritize the buyer’s experience to enhance the results and loyalty levels of our partner’s brand.

We modulate commercial management with the objective of creating a customized strategy for each phase of the sale, from data mining management to the closing and subsequent renewal of the product or service.

Likewise, we prioritize the buyer’s experience to enhance results and brand loyalty levels of our partners.

Find out below all the application areas we have to offer you our service. We explain some of them:

Insurance and reinsurance:

Insurance is responsible for protecting individuals from financial loss. On the other hand, reinsurance protects the insurance company from financial loss. In the latter, a protection insurance is granted to the company, with which the risks are distributed among several insurance companies, thus reducing their impact.

Financial products
Educational programs
Tangibles and intangibles with online payments
Construction and real estate
Lead qualification and management
Retention, up-sell and cross-sell: Up sell is when the customer buys a “better” version of the product or service he already uses (it can be a more advanced version or one with new functionalities). On the other hand, cross sell is when a company offers and sells a new or complementary product or service to others that the customer was already using.
product service sales management

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Human Resource Management

By Cristian Parra,


human resource management outsourcing

With our human resource programs, we help our partner organizations to outsource their selection, hiring and staff payroll processes.

We create automated processes that go from the analysis of the labor market to the employee’s exit, including recruitment management, filters, tests, documentary verification and settlement.

Our interdisciplinary Human Resources team is oriented to generate flexible solutions in accordance with labor regulations, allowing us to provide operational excellence and timely management information.

Additionally, we have a “club” type physical infrastructure that complements the system, guaranteeing the well-being and satisfaction of the human resources employed by our client companies.

The search, hiring and management of specialized and suitable human talent for each position can be costly and risky for some companies. We’ve got you covered!

We are committed to providing contact center and BPO solutions with high levels of quality and service customisation.

As well, we are a team of more 6000 employees, in 9 different cities working together to offer to our 50 plus corporate costumers and excellent service and follow up in al sorts of telecommunications solutions.

Also we have a very talented team. Our approach is data driven and focused on design thinking methodologies that are focused on highlighting a human centred approach. In this way we can provide the most adequate and strategic solutions to our clients in a divers spectrum of sectors.


  • Specialized head hunting
  • Compensation and benefits management
  • Payroll management
  • Occupational health and safety system
  • Exit / liquidation management
  • Training and career plan

human resource management outsourcing

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Delinquent Portfolio Management

By Cristian Parra,


Delinquent Portfolio Management

From preventive portfolio stage to legal procedure portfolio stage. We are leaders in negotiating and reducing delinquency levels without mistreating the end user.

Our leadership in portfolio management during any stage of default has led us to increase our ability to respond appropriately to any type of segment.

We have a very talented team, that is expert in managing anticipated strategies whose main objective, with technological support, is to prevent accounts receivable from reaching advanced stages.

Additionally, we implement payment plans in real time according to each classification, as we manage and analyze user data to minimize risks and collect in the established times, reducing the delinquent portfolio of our business partners.

Let’s get to know better what our Delinquent Portfolio Management service has to offer:

Our service covers a great range of of areas of aplication. Lets see them all:

  • Preventive portfolio: The strategy is to take actions to prevent the customer from generating a debt in the first place. We try to educate the customer so that he/she gets used to paying on time, knowing the importance of timely payment.
  • Administrative portfolio: This process consists of the systematic evaluation, follow-up and control of accounts receivable in order to ensure that payments are made in a timely and effective manner.
  • Pre-legal portfolio: Pre-juridical collection is that which is carried out directly by the creditor, usually with the assistance of an attorney, to compel the debtor to make immediate payment and warn him of the legal implications of non-payment.
  • Legal portfolio: The commercial portfolio of a legal or natural person can be understood as that group of obligations, in which it is the creditor party, pending their effective collection, i.e. their effective payment.
  • Cash collection strategies.

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Specialized Services

By Cristian Parra,


Specialized health services covid-19

Specialized health services COVID 19

The COVID-19 has marked a new reality for the whole world, therefore, effective and agile crisis management has encouraged companies to transform their strategy involving friendly end-user systems and easy and functional remote access. At COS, we have developed and implemented modular services that are adapted to each phase and to the service chain according to each type of institution with participation in the management of the pandemic. Our processes include both solutions related to PRASS (Testing, Tracing and Sustainable Selective Isolation) and the vaccination program deployed by the government of each country. 


General Health Care 

The health sector is a segment that requires particular attention due to the nature of the services involved. The challenges of health care are varied due to factors such as volume, accuracy, processing speed, administrative costs and regulatory compliance impact customer satisfaction. Therefore, at COS we implement automated medical case processing strategies that support collection management and processing of patient claims data, which help us process claims in record time under excellent quality standards. Some of the services available to our local and international clients include: 

Medical claims management

Health software

Frontdesk services (authorization and eligibility)

Billing and analysis of medical claims

Specialized health services covid-19

Indexing and coding of medical cases

Medical transcription

Coordination of basic medical services

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