Operating Tables Electromechanical vs. Electrohydraulic – which is better?

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There is a technical debate as to which type of technology is better for operating tables, Electromechanical versus Electrohydraulic operating tables. Operating Tables Electromechanical vs. Electrohydraulic

Surgical tables have gone through different technologies throughout their history, from a simple wooden table in the beginning, to a table with mechanical, pneumatic or hydraulic technology, and nowadays a combination of the above with an electrical part.

But where the debate lies is on which technology (electro-hydraulic or electro-mechanical). It is better to use in the area of the table column, where the table has its biggest movements.

We must start by saying that obviously both are valid technologies and have their pros and cons, while electro-hydraulic stands out for its precision, less noise and better prices; electromechanical stands out for its greater resistance, fewer incidences and allows us more extreme movements.


may have a somewhat higher failure rate (in terms of technology) than electromechanical ones. It is also true that a breakdown in one of them will generally be more costly than two of the others.

So in any case the cost of repair should not determine our decision. But what will determine the number of breakdowns is whether or not you have to stop more or less surgical activity. But even that also depends on many factors, for example, whether or not you have a table in the hospital.

In the past, it was more important in the purchase decision that any equipment should last as long as possible. However, the evolution of technology and economic engineering (cost-effectiveness). Inertia leads us not to extend the equipment in the hospital for too long.

So in the end it is a question of the characteristics required for its application and budget. It is true that with both technologies we can perform all types of interventions. But it is also true that for certain specific surgeries with more extreme movements, the electromechanical one will be more suitable and will withstand the passage of time better. It is not in vain that the main manufacturers have electromechanical tables in their top catalogue. They have electromechanical tables, however, the ones that are most sold in our country for 90% of surgeries are electrohydraulic. Electromechanical vs. electrohydraulic surgical tables

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