Electromedicine Service:

Physical Intervention Service of the equipment, which consists of cleaning-disinfection of the equipment, its technical intervention, both corrective and preventive, carrying out the calibrations required by the equipment and the subsequent electrical safety test, according to the IEC 60601 standard. It is in this service where we further develop our innovative technical solutions.

Customer Service:

Surely the most important service, for which we are most required and the one that makes the difference between a technical service of electromedicine and the technical service of AMBE. Through our Medical Coaching program our staff is prepared to meet the client's request, perform an emergency assessment and provide a solution real through different alternatives. We repair the equipment and take care of the user.


IT Service:

IT Service: Today all medical equipment offers connectivity and if they do not offer it are very close to offering it, our experience and continuous updating allows us also offer full service in this area.

  • Analysis of technological solutions and project development.
  • The administration of operating systems and the communications of network equipment.
  • The management of information systems of organizations.
  • Equipment installations, Ambe is capable of installing the manufacturer's equipment.
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